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Union calls on Communications Minister Paul Fletcher to rule out break up and privatisation of Post by stealth

The Union representing Australia’s postal workers has called for the Communications Minister to rule out breaking up Australia Post’s parcel and letters business, a move jeopardising jobs and quality of services.

While media reports this morning suggest the Minister says Australia Post won't be sold, the Union is seeking assurance he won’t begin the privatisation process by stealth by separating the parcel and letters business.

At the Senate Inquiry earlier this week, Former Post CEO Christine Holgate tabled extracts from a to-date secret Boston Consulting Group report outlining options for slashing services, cutting jobs and selling off parts of Australia Post. The union says some of this process has already begun under the so-called ‘temporary’ Covid measures introduced under the pandemic last year.

The report extracts indicate the plan would lead to the loss of up to 8,000 full-time jobs.

CEPU Communications Union National President Shane Murphy said, “The Government has been in cahoots with Australia Post management in pushing an agenda of privatisation, including using the cover of the crisis to implement a political and ideological agenda.

“Today we’re calling for this to end, we need Communications Minister Paul Fletcher to clearly undertake not to separate out the parcel and letters business of Post, a precursor to privatisation.

“We need an end to the push for job losses, service cuts and greater casualisation of the Australia Post workforce, a push that leads to future privatisation.

“Despite the detrimental impact of the temporary measures introduced under the cover of Covid, patronage has grown and the services provided by postal workers have proved vital for Australian households and business during the recent pandemic.

“Every Australia Post worker deserves respect. This week has left postal workers with a sense of unease and lack of certainty around the jobs they rely on for their personal financial security and those of their families. 

“Post has proved itself an essential service for the community, especially in regional and rural areas, now the Federal Government must stop the political games and commit to restoring service levels and keeping the workforce fully employed,” he said.


Shane Murphy is available for interview.

Media contact:   Amelia Brock 0430 187 161

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