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Hold a CUB-free grand final BBQ in support of sacked CEPU members

By now you should have heard that loyal, skilled Australian workers, AMWU and the CEPU Electrical Division (ETU) members were sacked by Carlton & United Brewery (CUB) and offered their jobs back with a 65% pay cut.

Other Australians are showing the company we don’t support their un-Australian actions, by boycotting their most popular beers — Carlton and VB.

By standing up to CUB and their multinational owners, we are sending a message to all employers that if they take on working people, they will have to take us all on. It’s about teaching them a lesson so they don’t go after other workers.

There’s only two weeks to go before Grand Final weekend and 6,926 Australians have registered their CUB-free barbecues. Holding a CUB-free BBQ is easy. Whether you’re watching the finals with just one close friend, or your entire footy club — filling your esky with worker-friendly beer is a great way to show solidarity.

You can join them. Even better, by registering you can win big. All you have to do is take a photo of your CUB-free BBQ, post it on social media and the sacked workers will award prizes to the best selfies.

1st prize is a top-of-the-line BBQ, 2nd prize is a team footy jumper of your choice signed by the workers and 3rd prize is two cases of non-CUB beer.

So will you join us by registering your CUB-free BBQ for the 1st of 2nd of October? You’ll need to register as soon as possible — registration closes on Sunday, 25 September.

You may also consider donating to the fund to support the workers who have lost their jobs by clicking here.

For more information on the dispute, you can watch a video of the workers explaining what’s going on by clicking here.

To download a poster of which CUB products to avoid, click here.

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