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LPO Award coverage

New Award coverage for LPO workers

The Postal Services Industry Award is now terminated and has no further application.  

Members who perform retail-related tasks are now covered by the General Retail Industry Award 2010. Any employees engaged in delivery of mail are likely to be covered by the Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010.

The most important changes that affect members as a result of the changed Award coverage are as follows:

  • The casual loading increases from 20% to 25% (an effective pay increase for casuals of 5%).
  • A minimum call-out of 3 hours for casual employees.
  • All employees must be assigned one of the classification levels in the Award. There are 8 levels in the General Retail Award. A Postal Service Officer Level 1 (old Award) may be a Retail Employee Level 1 or 2 (under new Award). It would depend on tasks performed, level of skill and supervision.
  • The minimum rates of pay under the General Retail Award (click here to view rates of pay) 
  • The following penalty rates apply under the General Retail Award:

Evening penalty rate – Monday to Friday: An additional 25% (i.e. ‘time and a quarter’) applies to all work performed after 6pm.  This does not apply to casual employees.

Public holiday penalty rate: A rate of double time and a half applies to work on public days.

Saturday penalty rate: A rate of time and a quarter applies to work on Saturdays.  Casuals working on a Saturday receive an additional loading of 10% instead of the Saturday penalty rate.

Sunday penalty rate: A rate of double time applies to work on Sundays.  Casuals working on a Sunday receive an additional loading of 100% (i.e. ‘double time’).

  • Part-time employees must have an agreement in writing which sets out the agreed hours and days of work and scheduled breaks.  The minimum daily engagement is 3 hours.
  • The following additional allowances apply to employees covered by this Award:

Transport: for use of own motor vehicle = 78¢ per kilometre.

Clothing: a laundry allowance of $6.25 per week is payable where the full-time employee is required to maintain special clothing provided by the employer.  For part-time and casual employees, $1.25 per shift is payable per shift.

Meals: $16.99 is paid where overtime work exceeds one hour and the employee has not been given 24 hours’ notice.  If this overtime exceeds four hours, a further meal allowance of $15.38 is payable.

The CWU National Office intends to discuss the matter of classification with POAAL and hopefully achieve a clear classification and wage position. We are preparing to make an application to FWC for a low pay determination to create one instrument to cover LPOs.

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