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Australia Post's strong six-month performance - workers must not be forgotten

Australia Post’s performance for the six months to 31 December 2019 was a strong showing – with revenue up four per cent and profit on parcels and services up 12 per cent, or $193 million.

National Secretary Greg Rayner welcomed the company’s strong half-year performance and said the result provided a great platform to commence bargaining from.

“Negotiations for a new EBA10 are set to commence soon – and Australia Post’s strong six month showing is a great platform to begin from.” Said Greg.

“Although letters continue to trend downwards, Post say parcels and services now account for 70 per cent of group revenue.

“Our members played a key role in the implementation of what Post has identified as $129 million in efficiencies during the period.”

Commenting on the $13 million paid to the CEO and her executive group, and the $111 million remunerated to the 411 top-paid non-executive employees in 2019, Mr Rayner said that Award level employees should also be recognised for their contribution to this positive outcome.

“It is mindboggling to think that the executive group along with 400-odd non-executive level, top paid employees are taking home what is pretty much the combined base rate of pay of every postie across the Australia.

“During the last round of bargaining, our members had to accept significant wage restraint off the back of the Liberals’ public sector bargaining policy.

“That policy prevented members from being able to secure a wage deal that appropriately recognised their efforts.

“Given the policy no longer requires Government Business Enterprises, such as Australia Post, to have their wage outcomes approved by the Government, it is about time Australia Post properly and fairly recognised our members’ contribution to Australia Post’s strong performance over not only the past six months, but the past six years.

“The EBA10 CEPU/CWU members’ survey closed late last week with 88.59% of members placing significant importance on their EBA annual wage outcomes.

“There’s no better time than the upcoming EBA process to make sure our people are fairly recognised.”

Australia Post’s half year announcement can be read in full here:

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