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Landmark CWU deal sends wages up by 6% at Australia Post

The final CPI-matching wage increase due under our inflation-busting deal at Australia Post will send CWU members’ wages up by 6% early next month.



Members will remember that the CWU secured the deal in late 2021, after seeking additional discussions with Australia Post following the wrapping up of a vote on EBA10. This landmark agreement resulted in Australia Post agreeing to the CWU’s request to not just increase wages by the 3% secured in EBA10, but at the rate of CPI for the preceding quarter, should that figure exceed 3%.

This incredible outcome has ensured that members were not left behind as our nation experienced a stronger than expected economic rebound – blowing the nation’s leading and most qualified economists’ predictions and expectations out of the water, as inflation has continued to soar.  

The official inflation figures for the June quarter puts CPI at 6%. As such, and in accordance with this historic agreement, the scheduled wage movement payable under EBA10 in the first pay period of September 2023 will see members’ wages increase by 6%.

Nothing else is guaranteed – EBA11 preparation must begin now.

This is the final wage increase payable under EBA10, and in accordance with this special agreement.

As we approach the expiry of EBA10, nothing further is guaranteed. It is crucial that we continue to grow in numbers and in strength at Australia Post, as we prepare for our next round of bargaining.

It’s never been a better day to ask a colleague, who may not yet be a CWU member, to join!

They can do so quickly and easily online.

Helping your Union grow will ensure the CWU is in the best possible bargaining position as we prepare to commence discussions with Australia Post to negotiate EBA11.

A stronger CWU will continue to deliver the very best outcomes for members and their families.

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