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Proposal to introduce major changes to the InfraCo Fixed and Telstra Wholesale businesses

Telstra has commenced the consultation process with your Union regarding a proposal to introduce major changes to the InfraCo Fixed and Telstra Wholesale businesses.

A potential impact of these proposals is the transfer of employment of a number of members to other Telstra subsidiaries.

Members impacted by the above would receive the protections of Clause 50 of the EA.

Members impacted by this change who receive a subsequent transfer of employment offer, should ensure that any such offer meets the following requirements provided for by Clause 50:

  1. the new employment offer must be in a position performing the same or substantially the same work as you currently perform;
  2. on terms and conditions considered on an overall basis, no less favourable than the conditions you received at your current Telstra Group employer;
  3. you will receive at least 15 days paid personal leave each year (pro-rata for part time employees);
  4. your ordinary hours of work will be no more than an average of 36¾ hours each week;
  5. you will receive continuity of service;
  6. you will remain eligible for membership of the defined benefit superannuation fund, if you are an existing fund member; and
  7. future possible retrenchment benefits will be calculated:
    1. in accordance with the scale in section 10 if your job with the Subsidiary is made redundant and you are retrenched; and
    2. by reference to your Fixed Remuneration at Telstra at the time the offer is made, or the fixed remuneration at the time you are retrenched by the Subsidiary, whichever is higher.

The above are important protections secured by members over the past two enterprise bargaining campaigns and ensure that transfer of employment to a Telstra subsidiary is reasonable and that members’ job security, pay and entitlements are not impacted by such a transfer.

Should an offer not meet the above requirements, a member would be in a position to ultimately reject the transfer.

Members who require any further information or clarification on any of the above should contact their State Branch Official for immediate assistance.

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