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Late last year we shared the good news that Optus had agreed to sit down with your Union and negotiate a new Enterprise Agreement for Optus Retail employees – your opportunity to put your terms and conditions of employment on equal footing with employees across the rest of the telco.

Our organisers have been out and about in Optus stores across the country, seeking members’ views on a new Agreement and where conditions need to be improved. Through our member survey, we’ve come up with strategy around claims that we are confident not only accurately reflects your views, but compares fairly with industry expectations.

Bargaining has now commenced and the priority areas we will be focussing on include:

  • Guaranteed pay increases each year on your actual rate of pay, that keep up with the rising cost of living;
  • For the wage increase to also be reflected against allowances;
  • Increased paid penalty and overtime rates;
  • Alterations to the span of ordinary working hours to fairly reflect overtime and penalty periods for additional work, particularly during unsociable hours;
  • No more junior rates;
  • Fair travel payments;
  • A laundry allowance;
  • Superannuation paid on leave, including workers compensation and parental leave;
  • Increasing redundancy pay to up to 48 weeks;
  • Access to the conditions enjoyed by other Optus employees, including an extra day paid leave per year, unlimited sick leave and improved provisions for parental leave, domestic violence leave,  bereavement and compassionate leave; and
  • Higher duties pay – to fairly reward those members for the work they actually undertake when stepping up to relieve others at a higher level.   

This is what we hope to achieve, but we cannot get it over the line without our members behind us. If you, or somebody you work with, is not yet a member of the CWU – now is the time we need you to join. We can only deliver the best possible outcomes for you and your families with the strength of numbers behind us at the bargaining table.

To join online now, visit

It’s time that Optus Retail employees were no longer treated as second-class – and we’ll be working hard to secure an Agreement that delivers job security, safety and a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

As a Union, we can deliver on that reality, together. We’re stronger, together.

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