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wet weather gear

Wet Weather Gear - the saga continues

While we’re on the theme of hot topics – who could leave out wet weather gear.

Appropriate wet weather gear keeps our members dry in inclement weather. Being exposed to the elements without appropriate protective clothing poses serious health and safety risks to our members and also pedestrians and road users in the community and is simply unacceptable.

Like all of you, we take this matter extremely seriously.

We are well aware of our members’ preferred solution – bring back Gore-Tex! In fact, if we had $1 for every time a postie has asked us to fight for a return to Gore-Tex, we’d probably be able to buy you all each a harbour-side mansion bigger than Malcolm Turnbull’s.

After long and drawn out lobbying by your Union, Australia Post have finally agreed to investigate a return to W.L Gore as the provider of the wet weather gear with the Gore-Tex fabricDiscussions with Post are continuing on this matter.

However, in the meantime, delivery members should be following this important advice very carefully:

  1. Ensure you are using the provided wet weather gear correctly as per the manufacturer’s recommendations;
  2. If you experience leaking in your wet weather gear, promptly return to your delivery centre;
  3. Upon arriving at the delivery centre, complete a P400 incident report form advising that your health and safety had been put at risk due to failing wet weather gear;
  4. When submitting this P400, also provide a copy to your State Branch Official;
  5. Make yourself available for alternative reasonable duties at the delivery centre until the completion of your rostered hours – this does not mean vacuuming the floor or cleaning the toilets.

By following this advice, you are acting in accordance with, and are protected by, the law.

Should you encounter any inappropriate management reactions for following this advice, it is extremely important that you report this to your State Branch Official as soon as possible. 

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