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Telstra reports on NBN training

The CWU and other Telstra unions met with Telstra on 25 March for the quarterly report on the training of staff for NBN-related work.

Under the deed finalised with the Commonwealth in 2011, Telstra receives $100 million to retrain staff who are likely to be made redundant as a result of the NBN project. Telstra may also use the grant to train staff to meet the overall needs of the project, though obviously minimising staff losses should be the first priority.

At the 25 March meeting Telstra reported to the unions and to the Department of Communications on training activities over the first three months of this year.

These have involved continuation of programmes that have been underway for some time, such as training Customer Service Delivery (CSD) staff in NBN installation work, and the development of new programmes that reflect the expanded role that Telstra is now playing in the NBN project.

Newer programmes include:

  • expansion of the NBN installation programme to allow Telstra staff to do both the lead-ins and the internal work on customer premises (mainly in relation to commercial premises);
  • FTTN planning and design training plus development of an FTTN field inspector role;
  • Further development the Digital Office Technology (DOT) training to expand the number of functions that employees can perform in the smart home/smart office environment.

The CWU has long argued that this last area of work represents a major market opportunity for Telstra and a source of ongoing work for our members. We also argued, at the time this $100 million programme began, for training that would allow staff to work on both sides of the NBN network boundary.

The CWU is pleased to see Telstra moving in these directions as they should provide both present and future opportunities for employees.

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