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NDMT gathering momentum

Delivery members across the country would now be familiar with the National Delivery Modelling Tool (NDMT).

It’s origins date back to EBA8 negotiations where as part of an entire package, Post were convinced to ditch their sub-par MOS assessments. MOS was horribly inaccurate, allowed for no staff involvement, and was inappropriately used to initiate disciplinary action against PDOs.

Where the NDMT has been rolled out it has been an overall success. Staff and local AURs at delivery centres are being actively engaged throughout the review process to enable those who know the work and do it on a daily basis to have a genuine say in modelling their workplace. It has provided a unique opportunity to get staffing ratios right — including maximising full-time jobs and appropriate shift commencement times.

However, there are always those where management have attempted to pull one over their staff.

Remember, staff engagement around the NDMT’s implementation is not merely a one-way street or a rubber-stamping exercise, but one of genuine consultation — giving members a real say in their workplace modelling.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to speak up if something doesn’t sit well with you or is just plainly wrong.

Further, if you believe genuine consultation through the NDMT is not occurring at your workplace, you should contact your State Branch Officials for assistance.

The tool and the ability to adapt to change will become even more relevant as small packet and parcel volumes increase.

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