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CWU calls on Decipha to ensure fair pay and shift penalties

After initially offering 3%pa over 3 year Decipha now wants to cut the pay offer to pay for the increase in the 15% penalty from 4am to 8am. Instead of 3% paid in October each year, Decipha now proposes to pay 3% in first year (Oct 2015) and 1½ (Oct 2016) x 1½ (April 2017) in second year and 1½ (Oct 2017) x 1½ (April 2018) third year. 

This is not acceptable. Hard working Decipha workers would lose hundreds of $$$. 

Notwithstanding the above, Decipha has another problem. Their offer does not get them over the “better off overall test” (BOOT test). Under the new relevant award workers starting at 4am would get overtime (time and half for first three hours) and overtime again for any hours that are in addition to their contracted hours. 

To try and overcome this where members are regularly working longer Decipha said it will review contracted hours. For example, if contracted 4 hours but regularly working 6 hours then contracted hours will be adjusted. This should have been done a long time ago. It is being done now to benefit Decipha! 

The offer in its current form is unfair and disrespectful to all Decipha workers. 

CWU members call on Decipha to finalise the EA by:

  • Agreeing to a 3%pa increase paid in October of each year of agreement.
  • Ensuring no worker is worse off under the agreement than under the relevant Award. 

One of our next steps is to seek members’ approval for industrial action, particularly action that will not cause loss of pay.

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