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manual bullring woes

Non-machineable product conveyer may be the answer to manual bullring woes

More and more bulky product is arriving through parcel facilities across the country.

Parcel Post Officers, regardless of their physical abilities, are rotated through manual bullring operations more and more frequently to keep up with volume growth in this specific area.

Lifting this product from ULDs and carrying them to their destination ULD is physically tolling and with this product type growing rapidly, the risks of sustaining injury in manual bullring operations are as high as ever.

Sydney Parcel Facility (SPF) has experienced rapid growth in this area with the volume of non-machineable product growing to 35,000 parcels per day and requiring 335 hours of labour per day to clear it. 

Following high level Union representations, SPF management have agreed to install a conveyer to assist with the lifting, sorting and conveying of normally non-machineable product from their originating to destination ULDs – mitigating against over-exposure to work practices posing a high risk for injury.

A local working group including the workplace’s local AURs are now working on the project’s implementation with a target commencement date for the end of September.

We will keep members posted on the outcome of its implementation.

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