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Members at Trial Sites Agree to participate, Telematics Protections Formatised

Dear Members,

Last week we wrote in detail about the One Network Structure trial commencing shortly in delivery facilities across the country. The trial is determined to build the foundations for a new delivery structure with a leaner management line along with efficiency improvements through transport and rostering alignments and an improved customer experience. Importantly, for posties, it will deliver the pay equality CEPU/CWU members have waited long fought for. 

Discussions have ensued with management as briefings continue at the nominated trial facilities where members are overwhelmingly in favour of participating in the trials. Discussions have centred mostly around tightening up controls and protections around the Telematics program, which is being introduced as part of the trial, including formalising agreement around the precise scenarios in which live or stored Telematics data may be accessed and reviewed. 

For absolute clarity, this data may only be accessed for review in the following scenarios: 

To increase efficiency for posties.

  • To notify operators of potential hazards or delays (for example, to warn of traffic congestion or accidents); and
  • To allocate and direct work activity (for example, to allocate new pickups to an operator who is nearby). 

Improving customer experience.

  • To enable track and trace capability for products;
  • To investigate and resolve customer enquiries; and
  • To enable customer alerts including estimated delivery times and parcel redirection. 

Where there is a genuine concern for your safety.

  • In the normal course of operation of safety systems, such as duress alarms, speed alerts etc; and
  • Where a telematics device has remained unusually idle for a period of time that may indicate a potential safety concern. 

Telematics data may not be used for the purpose of routine access and remote monitoring of posties. 

The following statement represents the agreement reached between your Union and management around the misuse of Telematics data: 

When accessing Telematics Data, Authorised Users are bound by relevant policies, including but not limited to the Australia Post Group Privacy Policy, the Australia Post Employee Privacy Policy, and the Group Information Security Policy; and further, 

Authorised Users must not access stored telematics data of an individual employee without a reasonable basis for doing so consistent with the purposes outlined in this procedure. Misuse of Telematics Data by Authorised Users may result in disciplinary action. 

Although the One Network trial is being utilised to fine-tune Telematics and its use, the technology will not disappear. Customers are demanding more real-time transparency around their deliveries and as the digital economy continues to evolve, this demand will only continue to grow. 

As much as anybody, your Union wants to see an increase in parcel market-share — not customers lost to competitors offering customers a better product. 

Greater market share means more quality, meaningful jobs and greater job security for our members. However, we will continue to be involved with the development of safeguards and protections for members to ensure this technology is only used for its intended purpose. 

National Secretary Greg Rayner said he was confident the agreed positions reached would satisfy any concerns around privacy. 

“We have been involved in lengthy, around the clock discussions for weeks now to ensure we secured appropriate protections for members and that those protections are in place from the day the trial commences,” said Greg. 

“I am satisfied that the procedure policies we have agreed to is rock solid around the bona-fide use of this data, including resolving genuine customer enquiries and to ensure the safety of our members. 

“With this agreement, those protections are backed up with severe penalties against any cowboy manager who decides they want to test the extent of their authority. 

“And we will be there to hold them to account on that.” 

Members located at nominated trial sites in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria have all now been briefed and have agreed to participate in the trial — with facilities in South Australia, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania to be briefed shortly. 

We’ll continue to keep members updated with developments as the trial progresses.


  Yours faithfully,


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