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Telstra Bargaining Update - 12 June 2024

Your Union has continued to engage with Telstra through the bargaining process to advance members’ claims for a fair, equitable and meaningful wage rise. Our members’ hard work and dedication to their roles should be recognised and fairly compensated.

The cost of living crisis has exacerbated financial strain on working families as wages fail to keep up with rising inflation. With mounting costs of housing and everyday expenses, it’s incumbent upon employers like Telstra to equitably redistribute the wealth generated for the company by CWU members. Ensuring fair compensation for all is key to alleviating financial pressures – guaranteeing such is simply non-negotiable.

Guaranteed wage movements, irrespective of employment model, recognises the universal impact of the financial pressures and underscores its indispensable necessity. Just as absolute as the impact of inflation is on your family’s cost of living – so too should be your right to a fair wage rise that ensures you are able to meet those rising obligations.

As previously reported to members, Telstra’s pay offer for the upcoming agreement is 4% in year one, 3.5% in year two and 3% in year three. This would be paid in full to Workstream employees. However, it would go into a pay pool for Job Family employees – then distributed at varying amounts at management’s discretion.

Your Union has made it very clear that discretionary increases to basic wages is unfair and unsustainable and reiterated our claim for guaranteed minimum wage movements for Job Family employees. Telstra has responded to this claim with an offer to include a guaranteed minimum increase of 3% in year one for all Job Family employees who obtain a rating 3 or above.

Although we welcome this shift as a step in the right direction, we believe Telstra can do better and will continue to also push for guaranteed increases for Job Family members in year two and three to ensure our members have a safety net that allows them to meet their family’s rising cost of living. 

We will keep members updated as we progress this matter. In the meantime, Should you require any further information, please contact your Branch Official.

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