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Telstra Design restructure: a downgrade of skills?

CWU members are telling the union that they are opposed to the changes that Telstra has said it will introduce in the Design area.

On 11 April, Telstra notified the CWU and its employees that it intended to proceed with a restructure which will see the rationalisation of a number of work functions and the outsourcing of a portion of current design work to “industry partners”.  

The changes will result in a net loss of 55 jobs. 

CWU concerns are focussed on the following questions: 

  • The classification of the Designer role as a Band 6.  Much of this work, depending on its complexity and scope, is currently performed at Band 7 level.
  • The classification of the Appraiser role as Band 7 when currently the work is performed by Band 8s.
  • The implications of the restructure for current salary levels and superannuation payments.  The wording of the current EA offers no certainty on salary maintenance.
  • The availability of genuine redeployment opportunities for those living outside the eastern capitals. 

The CWU met with Telstra on these issues on several occasions, most recently on 7 April. While there was agreement on the grading of some roles at that meeting, there was no agreement on the Designer and Appraiser roles. The CWU reserved its position until Telstra had further clarified the scope of these roles in their Success Profiles and the CWU had tested them against the Core Job Descriptions. 

The CWU is continuing to meet with members with a view to making further representations to Telstra or, if necessary, taking the matter to the Fair Work Commission.

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