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The Union plan to save Telstra jobs

The Telstra Unions have a plan to fight back against Telstra’s devastating job cuts.

And we’ve hit the ground running.

Telstra isn’t just any other phone company — they have a responsibility to the Australian public.

We’re calling on the Federal Government and key stakeholders to step in and make Telstra reconsider their proposal.

Click here to add your voice to the union plan to save Telstra jobs.

It’s only early days, but we’re already getting some traction. State Premiers and the Federal Opposition are already voicing their concerns, and throwing their weight behind our call.

The community doesn’t want this

We have to get the community involved in this issue. Telstra keeps taking the wrong turn every time they convince themselves that the public doesn’t want to talk to real people. There’s a great article about this in today’s news which says this well:

“As many Telstra customers have already experienced, the telco’s endeavours in taking the “human" out of customer support and sales has been questionable.”

The article also points that more than 80% of Telstra’s mobile customers prefer to deal with a human about their service. We need to make Telstra listen to this truth they’ve ignored too long.

It’s a big plan that starts with you.

To win this fight we need to bring Government, the community and other key stakeholders into the conversation. For the CEPU, the most important stakeholders are you, your family and your friends.

We need you to get involved right from the start if we’re going to pull this off.

Once you’ve followed the link and added your support to our plan, make sure you get your family and friends to take a stand as well. 

Let’s get started!

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