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EBA 2022

Telstra EBA offer: we want to hear from members

The Union has continued to engage in bargaining with Telstra – with Telstra indicating it wishes to propose their EBA offer to employees shortly.

In brief, Telstra’s proposal currently contains the following:

  • A rollover of all existing terms and conditions.
  • Clause 47 remains and will protect all existing conditions, for life, following a transfer of business to one of the planned subsidiaries.
  • Options for an employee (not management) to propose flexible shift arrangements.
  • Telstra has proposed a wage rise of 2.5% payable in October 2022, and 3% payable in October 2023. As with previous years, for Workstream employees each pay increase is a guaranteed flat increase to Fixed Remuneration. For Job Family employees this is a guaranteed Fixed Remuneration pool which is then distributed based on their individual performance rating and position in the pay range.
  • The increases would also apply to superannuation and all allowances payable under the Agreement.

Furthermore, the government superannuation guarantee is scheduled to increase from 10% to 10.5% in July 2022 and to 11% in July 2023.

Assuming this increase proceeds, Telstra intends to increase base pay rates by 0.5% - providing a net increase in wages of 3% for the 2022 financial year and then a further 0.5% - providing a net increase in wages of 3.5% for the 2023 financial year.

Finally, Telstra has now agreed to commit to a classification review of the CFW banding structure and further committed that should the restructure of the Telstra Group not proceed as intended, that a single EBA will remain to cover Telstra employees.

Complete our online poll today, to have your say

With Telstra intending to proceed to an employee vote, the Union at this point can either agree to the proposal in principle – allowing the vote of employees to proceed, or reject the proposal and advocate a ‘NO’ vote to members, should Telstra still choose to proceed with an employee vote.

In order to respond to Telstra with a position that accurately reflects the views of the majority of members, the Union has established an online poll which we are asking members to complete by 5pm Tuesday, 29 March.

The poll can be completed, right now, using the following link: - it’ll take less than 5 minutes.

The results of the poll will be shared with members the following day and the Union will be guided by the outcome in its response to Telstra’s offer.

In the meantime, should you require any further information, please contact your State Branch Official for assistance.

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