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Optus superannuation underpayment

Further underpayments identified at Optus

In March we wrote to members about underpaid superannuation benefits to thousands of current and former Optus employees.

Following this revelation, the Union demanded a broader investigation beyond just superannuation to occur into just how far and wide the matter affected our members.

We said in March, if superannuation discrepancies had been found, what else was lurking beneath the surface?

Optus at the time agreed to expand their investigation. Today, we have learned of further underpayments when reviewing Optus’ compliance with the Retail EBA – affecting payments made between 1 January 2014 and 17 March 2020.

All current and former employees covered by the Agreement during this period were included in the review, which found an average underpayment amount of $757.02, excluding interest and superannuation, which will be paid in addition.

Optus will be communicating with affected employees, former and current, detailing the error and will make rectification payments on or around 1 October 2021 for current employees and December for former employees.

The payments will be rounded up to $10 for any instances where the back payment owing is less than $10.

Following the last round of payment anomalies, Optus established a dedicated contact centre to assist affected current and former employees to understand the underpayments and make arrangements to alter payment details. This facility will be again made available to those affected by this discovery.

We will keep members updated on any subsequent findings as the review continues. 

If you believe you have been underpaid at Optus, please contact your State Branch Office for assistance in recovering those entitlements.

Any underpayment, regardless of the value, is unacceptable, unlawful and will be challenged by your Union.

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