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Australia Post wants to change how you are paid

Australia Post’s proposed change to your pay would result in the loss of one week’s pay in this calendar year. This week would be paid on termination of employment.

A ‘one-off loan’ of $600 paid back at $200 per pay over 3 subsequent pay periods would be available to employees whose base salary is $100,000 or less to cover the week without pay.

Please let us know what you think about Post’s proposed changes to pay by clicking on our survey link below


Last week the CWU National Office filed a dispute notice in the Fair Work Commission (FWC) about Australia Post’s failure to consult the union on proposed changes to how you are paid.

The FWC heard the matter on Friday, 11 July 2014 and issued a Recommendation that requires Australia Post to stop the focus groups, to consult with the CWU National union and to give the union a genuine opportunity to minimise the negative impact on employees from the proposed changes to pay. To read more click FWC recommendation.

What are the proposed changes to pay?

Basically Australia Post wants to move to an attendance based system. This means moving the pay day back one week so that people are paid in arrears (i.e. on attendance). Variable payments such as overtime, penalties, allowances and additional hours would be paid at the same time as normal base pay. Paper payslips would be gone.  People would sign up to the Australia Post Digital Mailbox or Workforce Access to receive payslips.

Currently Australia Post pays people part in advance (rostered) and part in arrears (attendance).

Australia Post says their focus groups show that there is overwhelming support for the proposal.

The CWU recognises that there is some advantage in being paid penalties, etc. at the same time as normal pay. But we think the proposal in its current form will impact negatively on employees.

Your National Office will put alternative proposals to Australia Post to try and mitigate negative impacts on employees of Post’s proposal.

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