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spying on posties

How do you solve a genuine safety issue at Australia Post? By spying on posties, of course

Since their introduction, the Union has been advocating for the implementation of a safety shutoff for the Honda NBC motorcycle.

As most posties would be aware, if the CT110 motorcycle was dropped to its side, usually indicating an accident, the motorcycle would stall. This was due to the design of the carburettor – but was good for safety. However, the NBC motorcycle, being fuel injected, doesn’t suffer the same fate should a rider fall. Instead, the motorcycle will continue to run – and if in gear at the time, the rear wheel will continue to spin. This presents a serious safety issue for our members and the surrounding public should a fall occur.

Post seem to have finally taken our points on board, but want to go a step, or few, further with the introduction of a motorcycle computer known as “Telematics”. Telemetics would detect a fall and cut off the motor should one occur and notify a nominated management representative of the location of the accident — tick. But it also performs a range of other functions including GPS data logging of the postie’s entire trip.

National Secretary Greg Rayner said management were using a legitimate safety matter as an excuse to introduce big brother to posties.

“We have repeatedly requested, what should have been, a minor modification to ensure the safety of our members and the general public — management have purposely used this as an excuse to spy on posties,” said Greg.

“As a result, we will see super-sleuth managers and supervisors sitting in offices pouring over the GPS reports of the posties they dislike the most.

“This will inevitably lead to warning counsellings dished out to those posties for taking too long in the bathroom or for talking too much to a customer at a delivery point. 

“They’re just not fair dinkum when it comes to safety. It’s just not genuine – it’s despicable and deplorable.”

Post say they are still in the process of developing governance protocols around the use of the data and have yet to commence the consultation process to begin trials in Heathwood, QLD and Newcastle, NSW.

We have massive concerns with the data local managers and supervisors will have access to and will be strongly opposing the inevitable abuse of that data for surveillance purposes.

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