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Telstra customer service set to go from bad to horrendous as jobs axed

Telstra’s already poor customer satisfaction levels will go from bad to horrendous if the telco pushes ahead with its plans to axe 8000 jobs, the union representing Telstra workers says. 

An Australian Communications Consumer Action Network report released today shows Telstra as a “low performing provider” when it comes to resolving customer issues. 

CEPU Communications Union National President, Shane Murphy, said it was impossible to see how such a drastic job purge could not have a crippling impact on Telstra’s ability to deliver for its customers. 

“If Telstra customers think things are bad now, just wait until 8000 dedicated workers are forced out the door,” Mr Murphy said. “Things are going to go from bad to horrendous at Telstra unless the decision to axe 8000 jobs is reversed, there’s no doubt about that. 

“This survey should act as a wake up call to Telstra bosses who should be seriously rethinking their plans to slash workers at the telco. 

“You would think Telstra would be pulling out all the stops to improve customer service on the back of reports like this, not taking active steps to ensure the standard of its customer service drops even further. 

Mr Murphy said the Turnbull Government also has a responsibility to step in and stop the job purge – one of the largest in Australian corporate history – for the sake of workers, their communities and Telstra customers.  

“The Prime Minister can’t just wipe his hands of this situation. Families and communities across the country are going to be devastated as a result of Telstra’s attack on jobs. 

“Telstra workers don’t need sympathy from our federal politicians – we need to see them working to find alternatives to this horrific attack on jobs.” 

Workers hit with offensively low pay offer

“As part of the current enterprise agreement negotiations with Telstra, the telco has offered workers an offensively low pay offer of 1.5 per cent - far less than CPI,” Mr Murphy said. 

“For Telstra’s lowest paid workers, that means less than $2.50 a day. Not only are their jobs on the cutting board, but they’re now being offered a mere pittance for their work. The disrespect Telstra bosses are showing workers is beyond offensive.”

Negotiations for a new enterprise agreement at Telstra are still ongoing.

Media contact: Alana Mew, 0419 929 722


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