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Know your rights: Telstra end of day arrangements

The CWU has received a number of queries from members about end of day procedures.

It appears that in some areas system changes are being introduced which could be contrary to the current Enterprise Agreement. These changes could require CT’s to remain on the job until the end of their shifts even if they are working more than 30 minutes away from home (the maximum unpaid travelling time).

This would effectively mean they were doing unpaid overtime.

The CWU is currently following up this issue. In the meantime, members should be clear about current entitlements.

If an employee is undertaking a last job at a location that is, say, 45 minutes away from home, Telstra managers have two choices.

They can either allow the CT to leave the job early so as to allow for the extra 15 minutes travelling time or they can pay the 15 minutes as overtime (assuming the CT finishes at the usual time).

The current Enterprise Agreement is clear on this point. Members are referred to the end of day procedures clause at page 36 which states:

Where travel will exceed this [30 min] travel time the employee should contact their supervisor/Work Management Centre as necessary due to local circumstances, to seekdirection on whether they should leave early or overtime should be worked.

Any arrangements which require employees to work unpaid overtime are a breach of the Agreement and should be reported to the union immediately.

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