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Carving up the business - Information Digital Technology

Post has confirmed that it is going to market to potentially outsource jobs in Information Digital Technology (IDT). Post has also confirmed that some jobs could be done offshore.

But Post is refusing to provide a copy of the scope of the work that has gone to market or say who the potential bidders (5 apparently) are for the work even though these decisions directly affect the jobs of 100 Award employees and 30 contract managers. In fact the 300 people who work in Post’s End User Computing service (including 100 Award & 30 managers) potentially all are affected. Apart from job losses there are also very real concerns that sensitive customer information will be exposed when held by an offshore provider.

Post says a decision will not be made until January/February 2015. The CWU has told Post that it wants an opportunity to influence any decisions before they are made - – so that jobs can be kept in house.

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