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Our organisation exists to advance the interests of our members. And as a democratic organisation, every four years members vote to decide who will lead their Union for the coming term. The integrity of that democratic process, free from the interference of Officers of Branches in any official capacity, is incredibly important.

However, in the lead up to this year’s election, which only officially opened on Monday, a number of false claims have been made and repeated by a certain group.   

Whilst we do not intend to interfere in that process by responding to any personal smears in an official capacity, as Officers of your Union, we are obligated to defend the organisation by responding to false and misleading claims made about the state of your Union, the Agreements that record numbers of members have supported and voted for, along with your Union’s finances and its ability to fight for your rights at work.

Claims that your National Office has recorded deficits of over $1 million are completely false

In fact, the Union’s auditors are currently finalising this year’s National Office Financial Report which will declare a surplus of around $150,000. This sizable surplus was achieved despite being forced to pay a $190,000 redundancy payment to a Victorian T&S Branch employee after the Branch agreed to the entitlement, and then declared it’s concerning financial situation prevented it from paying.

Claims that Officials are taking “FIFO trips” to turn up for work are completely false.

The practice engaged in by the previous National Officials of flying to and from Melbourne for work, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in airfares, Qantas club memberships and cash travel allowances, was put to an end after the outcome of the last election.

Claims that your Union did not ‘try for a better deal’ in the Australia Post EBA are completely false

In fact, each Branch Secretary was represented at negotiations and secured what is still the only exception ever granted to the Federal Government’s Public Sector Bargaining Policy that allowed us to secure the maximum 2% allowable pay rise under the Policy, without needing to provide productivity trade-offs, an additional 1% bonus payment on top of the wage increase and an agreement that prevents any Australia Post EBA employee impacted by the Reform process from being forced to take a redundancy.

Claims that the 2015 Telstra EBA was ‘botched’ are completely false

A roll-over Agreement was secured that retained your 80+ week redundancy benefit. This was despite our predecessors allowing a redundancy benefit of only 40 weeks in the Modern Award, without any consultation with members or your State Branch Representatives, prior to the last election.

Honesty, integrity and transparency is paramount to ensuring our Union continues to operate in a manner that reflects the expectations and priorities of you and your families.

We hope the above information alleviates any concerns as a result of false and misleading claims being made by certain persons presumably for their perceived personal benefit.


Yours in Unity,



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