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Telstra Industrial Action: What's next?

As you may already be aware, CEPU/CWU members have overwhelmingly voted ‘yes’ in a protected action ballot which now allows you to take industrial action if Telstra continues to refuse to provide you with a fair enterprise agreement.

At this time, no action has yet been planned.

Over the coming period, your Officials will be out engaging with members – talking about the types of action members would be willing to engage in to ensure we implement the most effective action.

At a time where Telstra is sacking 9500 of your colleagues and executives are still taking home exorbitant pay packages – a pay cut, in real terms, for those who remain is simply unacceptable.

We have today written to Telstra to once again clearly express this and have provided them with a good faith opportunity to meet with your Union to discuss those contentious issues that are preventing us from reaching agreement.

You deserve a new EBA with a fair pay rise that allows you and your families to keep up with the rising cost of living and reaching such an agreement, with minimal impact to you and your pay packet, is always going to be your Union leadership’s priority.

However, the important step you have taken to authorise protected action will help us get there. And the ability for us to engage in action, protected by law, is now available should Telstra refuse to listen.

A number of guidelines must be followed for action to be protected by law. Most importantly, you must be a member of the CEPU/CWU to engage in action.

Ask your colleagues to join their state CEPU/CWU Branch today, if they have not yet done so, to ensure they can legally participate in action to secure a new EBA, should that be necessary. This applies to all forms of protected actions including, but not limited to; stoppages, work bans and overtime bans.

Lastly, don’t listen to rumours.

Members will be advised directly by the CEPU/CWU should action be planned and authorised. You will receive notice of any impending action by SMS and/or email prior to any action commencing.

It’s time that Telstra put forward a fair and reasonable offer so that members aren’t forced to take action.

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