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Attack on Authorised Holiday

EBA9: Attack on Authorised Holiday - what you said

We have been overwhelmed by response of members across the country who have contacted us in vocal opposition to this ludicrous proposal. We’d love to publish absolutely every one of them (trust us – we really would!), but here are just a few of our favourites:

“I think it’s ****** how Australia Post management continually come up with new ways to undermine hard working posties. I say nay to the idea of losing our picnic day. It’s un-Australian. **** that.”

“The majority of my family work for Post and as we aren’t allowed time off before Xmas, the Authorised Picnic Day allows us to spend at least some time with the kids.”

“No – I cannot agree with Post’s attack on our Picnic Day. It’s our day and it should stay that way!”

“We all deserve the extra day over Xmas and I’m pretty sure that most of the public would agree.”

“Tell management to keep their grubby hands off the Authorised day off. The people that are trying to get rid of it take leave at Christmas – unlike the rest of us that do ALL the heavy lifting at that time of the year. I know that we work until our shifts end on rostered Christmas Eves, unlike management that nick off early.”

“They should leave the Union holiday alone and concentrate on fair wages for the new poor – the ‘fluro collared workers’. Maybe they should start on something easy like breaking up the boy’s club and giving women jobs in management like they promised. Let’s face it: we couldn’t screw it up any more than it is now.”

“As for the picnic day – LEAVE IT ALONE. My wife and I both work hard before Xmas and with me, at Post, having to go on a roster for my holidays we have to have our leave apart. But her work closes between Xmas and New Year, so I know that we get some time together, even if it is only two lots of four days. Don’t change it”

“Christmas time picnic day is exactly how you describe it – long live our ‘thank you for working your arse off while everyone else is enjoying Christmas’ day off to spend with our friends and family.”

“Absolutely outright reject Post’s offer to give us an extra day ARL in giving up our picnic day. Apart from the hypocrisy from management who take this period off themselves to spend with their families, it’s totally disgraceful and outrageous that they would even try to raise this issue once again.”

“We can’t take holidays with our families in December. Most retail staff do additional time here and there over the xmas period that is unpaid. The picnic day is acknowledgement and a thank you to staff for this.”

“Tell them to PISS OFF!”

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