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“Make It Fair” campaign briefing tonight – on Facebook Live

A recent ACTU survey found that 85% of working people have a significant caring responsibility.

But despite the fact that almost every working person in Australia has some kind of caring responsibility there’s no requirement for employers to accommodate requests for reduced hours.

We are a country of working people who value our loved ones more than anything else, but often we are stopped from providing the care needed because our workplace laws and rules have not kept up with modern life.

A majority of working people don’t feel they can ask to change their working hours when they have to take more caring responsibilities, and if they did, there’s no obligation on their employers to consider that request.

The cost on individuals and families is enormous, with some survey participants estimating they are doing in excess of $50,000 a year in unpaid caring for a family member

So we’re going to change the rules.

The ACTU has launched a new campaign called Make It Fair and we want you to join Ged Kearney on Tuesday for a critical insider briefing where you can ask questions and hear more information about the campaign and its objectives.

We are using all our legal options to change the rules for working women and families.

Unions are running a test case in the Fair Work Commission to establish an entirely new right for people to reduce their hours when they need to and come back to full time work when they can.

The campaign briefing will be broadcast on the Australian Unions Facebook page at 6.30pm AEST tonight, Tuesday 29th August and will run for 30 mins.

This is your chance to get in at the ground floor on a new campaign which is going to change the rules for women and carers in the workplace.

The more people who understand the issues and the case, and can talk about them with friends and family, the more successful this campaign will be. This briefing will equip you to be a crucial part of the campaign going forward.

Together we can change the rules for working carers and Make It Fair.

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