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exploding samsung galaxy note 7

Union expresses safety concern for Australia Post workers

The Union representing postal workers is seeking urgent clarification from Australia Post on what steps, if any, the company has taken to protect the safety of postal workers and the community while facilitating returns under the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Note 7 Edge recall process.

CEPU Communications Division National Secretary Greg Rayner said he feared the safety of postal workers and the general public was being jeopardised due to the risk of these phones exploding or bursting into flames while progressing through the various stages within the postal system.

“If these exploding phones are not safe enough to be carried on passenger aircraft then what steps have been taken to ensure they’re safe enough to be transported in aircraft or postal vehicles packed with paper and other flammable material?”

“So far we have heard nothing from Australia Post, or the Federal Government for that matter, on how they will protect workers and the general public.

Mr Rayner said that Samsung has issued a total recall in Australia, advising customers to return their potentially dangerous Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and that the Union had confirmed with mobile phone carriers that if customers are unable to return their phones in store, they will be sent a satchel with instructions to lodge at their nearest post office.

“Major airlines in Australia and across the world have banned these phones from planes – in both checked and carry on luggage, even if the phone has been turned off – due to safety concerns of exploding batteries.”

“Now, hundreds of these potentially dangerous phones will be circulating through our postal system, exposing workers and the public to extraordinary risk without them being aware.”

Mr Rayner urged Australia Post to take urgent action to ensure the safety of its workers and the community.

“Australia Post has a responsibility to its workers and to the public. They must take immediate action before one of these potentially ticking time bombs blows up and costs lives.”

Australia Post CEO Mr Ahmed Fahour has been given until Monday to respond to the Union’s concerns.

Media contact:   Leesa Maroske 0439 784 216


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