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Telstra Enterprise Bargaining 2018 - negotiations commence next week

Dear members,

Following timetabling discussions with Telstra, it has been determined that negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement will commence next week.


Your Union maintains that the best possible outcome for members is to secure a back-to-back Agreement without any gaps between the nominal expiry date of the current Agreement and the commencement of any new EA to replace it.

Although this is the outcome we are working towards, if such a situation did not occur than the terms and conditions of the current EA would continue to apply until it is replaced. At this stage, Telstra has also flagged a similar preference.

As the relevant Unions representing Telstra workers in different occupational groups and levels, the CEPU/CWU along with the CPSU and Professionals Australia have agreed to act, for the most part, as a Single Bargaining Unit. This arrangement has worked extremely well in the bargaining of previous Telstra EAs.


Telstra is obliged by law to issue a Notice of Employee Representational Rights to every employee eligible to be covered by the proposed new EA. This notice should arrive shortly, if not already. As a CEPU/CWU member you can ignore this notice.

IMPORTANT: You are not required to appoint a bargaining representative or agent. As a CEPU/CWU member, the Union is automatically your representative in bargaining on behalf of all members.

Your Union’s Divisional (National) Executive have appointed a team of Officials, led by Divisional President Shane Murphy, to represent the CEPU/CWU during this round of bargaining.


A strong Union will ensure the best possible bargaining outcome – and our strength is in our membership.

That’s why we’re asking you to approach your workmates, who are not yet Union members, to join today. They can do so by clicking the “Join Us” button on this website.


Members will progressively be kept informed of bargaining progress through our website and our Facebook page and directly via email.

If you haven’t yet registered to receive email and e-Bulletin updates from your State Branch, please contact them immediately to ensure you receive timely updates.  Please forward this email to colleagues who may not yet be Union members and ask them to do the same.

Yours faithfully,

Greg Rayner

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