Telco Industry Employment Conditions
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Postal Industry Employment Conditions

Telco News

CWU officials have called on NBN Co to explain its reported decision to award design contracts to offshore companies. In a report yet to be confirmed, the Australian Financial Review (3 March) claimed that NZ-owned Kordia and Indian multinational Tata had both won NBN design contracts. This has raised concerns that the actual design work may be performed overseas. Read More >
Post deregulation

Postal News

The Coalition of Mail Service Stakeholders (CoMSS) comprising the CWU National Office, printers, mail houses, licensed post offices and other unions has accused Post boss, Ahmed Fahour, of making a "cynical attempt" to build support for major cuts to the letters business by releasing the company's first-half profit results one day before his Senate estimates grilling. Read More >
Fight or your rights

General News

The Australian union movement is calling on its members to take part in a national day of action on 4 March to highlight the threats to working people posed by the Abbott government and its supporters. Read More >

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