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We wrote to you earlier this week to notify you of protected industrial action the CEPU/CWU had authorised to advance your claims for a new, fair Enterprise Agreement at Telstra – in particular, a ban on undertaking specific duties during unpaid time (log on / log off etc).

This ban would’ve enabled members to send a clear message that you and your family deserve a fair pay rise and you are willing to fight for that, whilst minimising impact to your customers.

Telstra has been talking to whoever will listen about how any industrial action engaged in by members would be insignificant and without consequence to their operations.

However, yesterday, as you would be aware, employees received notice of Telstra’s intentions to dock you an entire day’s pay for each and every day you engaged in this protected action.

In effect, Telstra has threatened to lock employees out of their employment – basically saying; ‘Engage in this ban and you might as well stay home, because we won’t pay you anything.’

By doing so, Telstra has displayed utter contempt for you and your rights to fight for what you deserve – along with disgraceful contempt for their customers who will now, instead, be significantly affected by an escalation in action.

Therefore, the Union is withdrawing its advice to engage in the ‘Ban on duties required to be undertaken by employees during unpaid time’. In its place, the CEPU/CWU has notified and authorised the following upcoming protected industrial action across all States and Territories:


All members employed by Telstra who are covered by the EBA (including AWA and ITEA) across all States and Territories are directed to engage in a complete stoppage of all work from 12:01am Tuesday 12 March with this action ceasing at 11:59pm Tuesday 12 March 2019.

This action excludes members working in Triple Zero centres and those performing medical/emergency work.

Please note; the other bans relating to recall and emergency work are to go ahead as planned commencing 12:01am Thursday in all states and territories except WA, with that action to commence in WA from 12:01am Friday. This is to continue until further notice from your Union.


DO NOT notify Telstra, including its management representatives, of your intention to engage in this protected industrial action. Your Union has notified Telstra appropriately, as required by legislation.

Further important facts related to protected action is produced on the reverse of this notice and members are urged to familiarise themselves with this information.IMPORTANT NOTICE_12Mar19

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